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Modagri Plants EUgardens

Ornamental outdoor plants nursery – Modagri Plants

Plants nursery Modagri


MODAGRI Plants started to be active in 1982, in the village of Modi, near Thessaloniki. The founder of the company was Mr. Aristeides Triantafyllou. The nursery’s activities are focused on ornamental external plants production and selling. Please have in mind, that we practice exclusively wholesale.

Plants nursery Modagri Plants
In addition, we have long experience and specialized know-how in what we do. And also we try toΒ consequently to adapt to the ever-evolving production methods. As well as to develope the new techniques.

Modagri Plants EUgardens

And also we try hard to implement the ideas, which weΒ  have.Β  As a result the appropriate care for the plants, gives them a superior quality and makes them competitive products on the world market. ONLINE SHOP.
Our production can be categorized in the following categories:

a) Ornamental bushes.

b) Ornamental trees.

c) Climbing plants.

d) Conifers.

e) Conifers nana.

f) Perennial plants.

We make also online sales.

Since 2002, MODAGRI Plants, also, exporting to the neighboring Balkan countries, and to many famous Italian nurseries. This is another proof of the quality of our plants, of our steady and well organized work.Β  Contact us to find whatever you want for order fast delivery.

Ornamental outdoor plants nursery – Modagri Plants.