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Mat Linea Garden


Mat Linea Garden

Mat Linea Garden EUgardens

Made in Italy quality: since 1986 at the service of customersΒ  Founded in 1986 M.A.T. srl specializes in blanking, molding of small metal parts and component assembly.
In 2015 the Garden Line was born. Development, design and assistance are the elements that distinguish the service of M.A.T., the partner tailor-made for you.

The company focuses its business on the transformation of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Mainly from strip, on medium and large series.
The advanced technology of the machinery guarantee a constant quality of the particular products, satisfying orders for the most important markets in the garden sector.

COR-TEN steel is a special high-strength self-passivating alloy containing copper-chromium-phosphorus. In fact COR-TEN steel, as the name indicates, has remarkable resistance to corrosion and tensile yield strength. The resistance to attack by atmospheric agents is five to eight times higher than that of a common carbon steel.

Characteristic of COR-TEN is the natural oxidation in contact with air: the “rust” finish stops after causing a slight decrease in thickness, forming a uniform and resistant patina that prevents the progressive spread of corrosion remaining unchanged for decades and reducing considerably periodic maintenance operations. It is a natural, ecological, 100% recyclable material.

Small reality that gives life to garden furniture elements and to create a network of contacts, thanks also to the help of our area agents, which has allowed expansion in many areas of Italy.

So welcome to Mat Linea Garden. Create your custom-made garden with us! πŸ€πŸŒ·