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Production and export of young plants.

Production and export of young plants

Maresme Planteles is a German management nursery located in the north of Barcelona (region Maresme). We are a leading company in the plant sector for more than 20 years now. Because of our knowledge and our experience we are established throughout Europe.

Maresme Planteles SL. is specialized in the production and commercializing of bedding plants, young plants half-finished and finished Mediterranean Plants from Spain to the rest of Europe. We offer professional and efficient processing of your order. The executive board comprises professional people with many years of experience working in the plant market. Maresme Planteles is one of the most significant companies for the Mediterranean plant export.

The Maresme Planteles, S.L. satisfied with a young and dynamic team.
Quality, service and flexibility are our first priority.

Maresme Planteles purchases the starting material for our young plants and finished plants production from selected leading mother plants producers. Regular visits to verify the quality are obvious for us. Also we attach great importance to the follow-up of our supplies. And we regularly visit our young plants clients to accompany the further production process. We have a wide range for exportation.

Whether bedding plants, herbs, shrubs and olive trees. Everything is possible. But even here we leave nothing to chance. We visit all our suppliers by the beginning of the planting season steadily until sales day.

Also we monitor the quality and the stage of the product is continuously. Only the first choice is with us on the transport.
Long transport times? – No way!

Through our numerous partners in transport, we guarantee the shortest possible journey times and timely delivery. Because we know, the shorter the duration of transport, the better the quality!

Long planning of the orders – not necessary!

Production and export of young plants.

So, each week you receive an offer with current photos of the available items. As a result, plants that are ordered by Friday noon, may already Sunday evening (depending on the region) be with you.