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Plant nursery – KAVERINO plants.

Plant nursery - KAVERINO plants

The Russian landscape art studio “Paysage” set up the plant nursery and garden centre KAVERINO plants. The idea of the landscape studio Paysage is to sell planting material to landscape designers, wholesalers and retailers.

The Russian company KAVERINO plants offers planting stock from the best European nurseries and its own production. Most noteworthy, we offer only tested materials. Plants which has endured for the last 15 years on the sites arranged and modifyed by landscape art studio “Paysage”. For more detailed information concerning our range od products and prices, you can visit OUR CATALOGUE.

So, the goal of KAVERINO plants nursery is to organize market of planting stock in the suburbs of Moscow. Also, among our priorities is to create informal atmosphere. A mood, where garden Designer or Customer can not only buy planting material at a moderate price but also establish friendly relations with colleagues and enjoy pleasant talks. Furthermore, the trading area of KAVERINO plants can be visited by both designers and their clients. As there is more than enough space for them to communicate and select planting material.

In addition in our garden centre, you can find plenty of ornamental and fruit varieties of different dimension. Also you can place an order online. But, you are welcome to make your order sitting comfortably near the fireplace and having a cup of coffee or tea in the cozy guest-room of KAVERINO plants. Our qualified personnel will consult you about the selection of material, sizes and blooming period. As well as offer alternatives in case of need.