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Janssen Flowerexport B.V.


Janssen Flowerexport B.V.

Janssen Flowerexport

We are Janssen Flowers and we’re excited to meet you.

Join us by becoming our customer.  And we will show you why we’re the first ‘Flying Dutchman’ with the GTP label! This means we can guarantee our customers quality products.

We are a family business established since 1985. What started of with one lorry, now it has grown into a company with three refrigderated artics. A company that supllies over 140 florists in the south of England.  As a matter of fact, weekly we are delivering fresh cut flowers and pot plants to our costumers. Our target is to provide good quality products for a reasonable price.

Janssen Flowerexport EUgardens

We are based on the auction Flora Holland in Rijnsburg. And we are buying on the three main flower auctions of Holland. Since 2010 Janssen Flowerexport is certificated with the MPS Florimark Good Trade Practice. And we are the first `Flying Dutchman`in the U.K. with this quality label, which means we can guarantee our customers quality products.

So welcome to Janssen Flowerexport B.V.