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Il Floricultore Rivista


Il Floricultore Rivista

Il Floricultore Rivista

This media brand is a point of reference for the entire Italian horticultural sector.

Il Floricultore Rivista is an Italian gardening and horticulture magazine that has been in circulation for over 55 years. Mr. Bruno Nunziata founded the magazine in 1964. The magazine has since then become a household name in Italy.

The magazine covers a broad range of topics related to gardening and horticulture. These topics include plant cultivation, landscaping, pest and disease control, plant propagation, and garden design. In fact the articles are written by experts in the field, and the magazine’s editorial team ensures that the information is accurate, up-to-date, and easy to understand.

We publish Il Floricultore Rivista bi-monthly, with six issues a year. The magazine is available in print and digital formats. The subscribers have access to exclusive content, including online tutorials, gardening tips, and video demonstrations.

Il Floricultore Rivista focuses on the local gardening and horticulture industry. The magazine regularly features articles on Italian flora and fauna. Thus highlighting the unique features of the country’s natural landscape. It allows readers to better understand the plants and gardening practices that are best for their region.

The magazine regularly features articles on organic gardening, conservation, and the use of environmentally friendly gardening practices. This is important given the growing concern over climate change. As well as the impact that gardening practices can have on the environment.

In our magazine you will find a calendar of the main International Trade Fairs for Floriculture, Nursery, Lifestyle and Gardening worldwide

Overall, Il Floricultore Rivista is an excellent resource for anyone interested in gardening and horticulture. In fact Its focus on local practices and its high-quality content make it an essential read for gardening enthusiasts and professionals alike.