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Honey Bee Farm BIORA

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Honey Bee Farm BIORA

Honey Bee Farm BIORA

Our Honey Bee Farm produces high quality bee honey obtained from its own bees in an ecologically clean region of Bulgaria.

The honey of Biora is natural with high quality andΒ respectively with all the necessary laboratory analyzes. Our honey has the beneficial and healing properties of the richness of the plants in the areas of the Protected Zone “the Lomove” and Rusenski Lom Nature Park. Honey Bee Farm Biora is situated next to the linden woods of the Protected Zone Lomove in Rusenski Lom Nature Park.

Noteworthy, more than 700 species of high quality plants grow on the territory of the Park.Β  As a matter of fact, 325, from them areΒ healthy, according to the horological atlas of medicinal plants in Bulgaria. Every batch of honey with the BIORA brand is accompanied by detailed analyzes. Analizes by the laboratories of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. We also quarantee the quality of our honey with our laboratory analyzes. By the same token, our pictures can take you to the places, where our bees are flying. The jars, we pack in boxes of 4 or 10 jars per box. For commercial establishments, honey is accompanied by a certificate, a declaration, a certificate and an invoice . ONLINE STORE.

So, welcome to Honey Bee Farm BIORA.