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Hipicaça Lda


Hipicaça Lda


We are an exporter of CORK tubes, flats, branches, granules, tiles and sheets as well Grape wood for flower and pet industry.

Our company does wholesale of cork for use in reptile, bird, sports and flower business. We supply also virgin cork tubes and cork til.

More about Cork tubes. Cork is the bark of the cork tree that is removed every 9 years without hurting the tree. A noble tree with very special characteristics wich grows mainly in mediterranean regions, especially in Portugal, where are over 720 000 hectares of cork oak forest. Its shell is extracted, providing a versatile fiber that can be used in many objects. While in the forest the trees renews another cycle on 9 years after wich can be peeled back again

A 100% natural, sustainable, recyclable, and biodegradable material. Important attributes to have in mind, nowadays when pollution is an issue. In a world of growing environmental awareness, the cork oak survives without the use of chemical herbicides, fertilizers or irrigation. Moreover, it´s the only tree that regenerates after harvesting. Each cork oak provides an average of 16 bark strippings.

Choose cork, defend the environment and the future of our planet.

Wholesale inquiries are welcome at Hipicaça Lda!