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HerkuPlast – propagation trays

HerkuPlast EUgardens

Manufacturer of QuickPot™, long life and HerkuPak™, light quality propagation trays for horticulture and forestry. In the production process we use 100% of recycled material.

At HerkuPlast, we make the QuickPot® trays of heavy-duty re-usable polystyrene. So if you treat them with care, they will last up to 10 years and more. Thus we make the over all cost per plant very low indeed. Furthermore we produce most QuickPot® trays with large base holes to allow easy plant removal with the use of a push-out plate.

HerkuPak® – this range is a cheaper alternative to the stabil QuickPot® trays. Despite being made out of thinner material a 20 mm. rim around the edge of the tray makes it easy to handle. HerkuPak® trays are suitable for automation.

So welcome to HerkuPlast – propagation trays.