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Orchid breeding – Hassinger Orchideen

Orchid breeding - Hassinger Orchideen

We are an orchid nursery in Germany. And we specialize in breeding Phalaenopsis, intergenetic orchids, Bellavallia and many more genera.

Hassinger Orchideen is a family business, that looks back 30 years of orchid breeding. During all these years we have developed over 500 varieties in Phalaenopsis, Masdevallia or less known genera. We sell these types worldwide as young plants or as tissue culture. Furthermore,our repertoire is wide, from luminous pink or tender to classic white.

We deliver special types for high class products as well as marketable standard ware. Last years’ focus is on the Sunrise Serie – Phalaenopsis varieties for every pot size from 6 cm to 12 cm. They are in the color of a sunrise, gaudy and harmonic at the same time. Unique is also the scent of some of those tropical beauties, especially if warmed by the sunlight.

Our greenhouse covers an area of approximately 33,000 square metres, Annually, we produce several million in vitro cups, seedlings, semi-finished and finished products of different orchid types. Besides, we cultivate and develope stock plants and clones. In doing so, we place great value on the internal and external quality of the plant material.

Furthermore, we place great emphasis on total hygiene and the application of biological pesticides. High-quality basic material is the guarantee for a healthy and successful culture. Supreme customer satisfaction is our aim!