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Harish Coconut Products


Harish Coconut Products Pvt. Ltd.

Harish Coconut Products EUgardens

Harish coconut products processes coconut husks. We are a manufacturer and supplier of coconut fibre products and coco peat to various countries in the world.

Harish extends its products range into gardening. Thus we widen the scope for coconut fibres and coir pith in this sector. In fact gardeners look for products that are economical, bio-degradable and ornamental.

Products from Harish are the perfect commodity for horticulturists and home gardeners. They make their garden space beautiful with nutrients from our products. Harish started to provide horticultural solutions in1989.

Our production sites are conveniently located in the southern part of Indian sub-continent. So we have the best possible coconuts in the world for our wide range of production lines. Noteworthy we use natural resources. So this enables us in manufacturing wide range of merchandise ranging from Coco Peat to Coconut Fibre.

Harish opened a subsidiary company Harisha Tuff Lanka Pvt Ltd in Srilanka. Furthermore we participate in horticultural trade fairs around the world

So welcome to Harish Coconut Products Pvt. Ltd.