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Greenvalley Sia

Greenvalley is a trading company that produces and sells plant nutrition, professional peat productss, substrates, wood pellets and pine bark from Baltic countries to EU and third countries.

Our company is based in Latvia, one of the greenest countries in the world. The company has large peat resources that we use not only as a raw material, but we also offer them as a ready substrate mixes.

Our products meet high quality standarts. Sertified institutions regulary check our products. This allows us to export peat to any country in the world.

We offer not only products, but also can organise delivery for our customers. Cooperation with different transport companies and shipping lines allow us to choose the fastest delivery options and for the best price.

Our professional peat products are suitable for professional growers, substrate producers, landscapers. As well as for wholesale distributors, garden centres, breeders and environmental consultants.

Professional Peat. Greenvalley offers different types of Baltic peat, that can be used in: Gardening, Production of substrates, Composting, Improvement for the soil,

Plant Nutrition. We offer 100% organic fertilizer for any indoor plant! This product has been produced in Latvia with the help of earthworms β€œStaratel”. They recycle human-made organic waste and after that they produce vermi compost. We cllect the compost, dry and treat it.

Plant Nutrition package contains 30g of organic fertilizer, which is a great amount for a 1L pot. Please visit our online shop.

So welcome to Greenvalley SIA