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Green Ravenna Srl


Green Ravenna Srl

Green Ravenna EUgardens

Green Ravenna was born in 1999 as a professional turf specialized company with products dedicated to lawns and sport fields. We offer products both for the professional and non-professional users. The Company is improving conventional and biological pesticides.

Green Ravenna sells and distributes, its own products with Green and EKOprop brands, in Italy and many other countries, both inside and outside the European Union.

Green Ravenna has its headquarter in Cotignola, near Ravenna in the heart of Padania’s plain, enclosed in a modern logistic pole which houses the directive site, the offices, the laboratories and the production site. The Company is organized in a linear structure, with active collaboration among all its business units.

Our company is present throughout the Peninsula with a network of more than 40 agents, working every day in order to, promptly and professionally, satisfy the technical and professional needs of its customers.

We market a wide range of products both for the nutrition and protection of crops, plants and turf, covering the needs for both professional and amateur users.

Green Ravenna selected 6 different product lines to satisfy crops, farmers and amateurs needs all over the world:

Crop Nutrition: crop nutrients and plant enhancers for the plants optimal nutrition and to achieve the highest yield;
Medaprogrammati: nutritional products in case of specific stressful events, such as cold, drought, hail.
Special Products: nutrients and pesticide enhancers, improving their efficacy;
Pheromones: Pheromones dispensers and traps to monitor pest population development;
Turf: a wide and complete range of products dedicated to Turf like seeds and fertilizers;
Animal Deterrent: natural product to keep away undesired animals from your gardens, houses and fields.

Green Ravenna sells its products outside Italy thanks to strong network of selected distributors throughout the World.