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Seed production – Gavrish seeds.

Seed production - Gavrish seeds

The russian company Gavrish started to be active in 1993. This plant breeding and seed production company is the leading Russian enterprise in selection of vegetable hybrids. So, our activity is focused on a top-quality varieties and hybrids development. As well as vegetable seeds production for growing in open field and protected ground. Rich collections of base material; breeders deep knowledge and research experience; cooperation with scientific and research institutes, allow fast development of new varieties. Such varieties that totally correspond to the highest demands of vegetable growers. Also, we take into consideration all the new tendencies in the development of vegetable production. As a result, we create hybrids for modern intensive technologies required by market. As well as hardy and ecologically flexible varieties for farmers.

Seed production – Gavrish seeds, Products assortment.

So, group of companies Gavrish is carrying on a vast research work in vegetable growing, breeding and seed production for the open field and protected ground. Our assortment includes varieties and hybrids for the various geographical zones, types of cultivation and growing conditions. Consequently, our plants have unique characteristics as well as complex of multiple disease and pest resistances (as example – for tomato: Ff; Fol; Ma(Mi, Mj); ToMV; TSWV; TYLCV; V(Va, Vd) / for cucumber: Ccu; CMV; Db; Foc; Fsc; Pcu; Px).

Up to now, Gavrish plant breeding and seed production company has developed more than 800 varieties and hybrids for use all over the world.

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Our location. Our HQ is in Moscow (Russia). In addition Group of companies “Gavrish” leads professional activity not only by local affiliated companies, but also by exclusive distributors all over the world. As a matter of fact, we have also two foreign representative offices: in Turkey and Jordan.

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