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GardenTV – A web TV about gardening

GardenTV web TV about gardening


A web TV about gardening: Why? Below are the 6 reasons.

1/ Because videos are the future of communication. 2/ Because web is the channel of communication.
3/ Because images and pictures β€œspeak” a direct and universal language, easy to understand even without words. 4/ Because online a video can β€œmake a trip around the world” within few seconds and reach every potential target. 5/ It also can be displayed everywhere by everyone on any device. 6/ Because today inform, tell stories and promote a brand is no longer enough.

To be successful with your business you have to understand needs and desires of users. You have to become part and audience of online users’ network. Because in Italy a web channel about gardening was absolutely necessary.


GardenTV is the first web TV entirely for the gardening market. There you’ll find videos, news and information about distribution, market, products, tools and equipment.

GardenTV speaks to an international audience with an English website version. GTV is an independent channel for retailers, manufacturers, professionals and hobbyists of the gardening.

You’ll find news and videos about market data, regulatory updates, technical comments, field trials and new products, interviews, events, exhibitions, openings and workshops.

A team of journalists, bloggers, photographers and TV operators is the β€œbeating heart” of GardenTV.

GardenTV is not just a web TV but a network that gathers and connects the largest public of β€œgreen” professionals (companies, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, garden centers, consortia, gardeners and professionals gardeners).

It is the first online gardening community.