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GAMPRE produces Greenhouses and Terraces.

GAMPRE produces Greenhouses and Terraces

We are a family company, established back in 2010 in Lithuania. We produce variuos size greenhouses “SANUS” for end users from high quality alluminum profiles and 6mm polycarbonate (10 mm glass). In addition, we offer car ports “REGIUM”  for the patio – from alluminum profiled construction and polycarbonate (acryl) glass roof. We supply to all Baltics countries, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic. And we are open for any cooperation and distribution to other markets.

So, today GAMPRE is a rapidly growing innovative organisation which cooperates with the most famous raw material suppliers.  As a result, we provide our customers with only the highest-quality products – Greenhouses “SANUS” and Terraces “REGIUM”. Most noteworthy, it is a Lithuanian manufacturing company and a family business. Probably, the needs of our family are the same as those of many families. We cherish the time spent together and we want to eat more healthily. And also to live happily ever after. Therefore our business is focused not on the numbers but on the sense. In addition, UAB GAMPRE actively participates in various exhibitions in the Baltic states and other countries. Let’s meet in one of those! We included in to our product list a high quality outdoor heaters.


Kaip ir kodėl Rūta Lukoševičiūtė susižavėjo daržininkyste?Su šiltnamiais SANUS -viskas įmanoma! O Jūs, ar jau pasiruošę pavasariui? Ačiū laidai "Svajonių Sodai" ir p. Aušrai.

Posted by Inteligentiškas Ūkis -UAB "GAMPRE" on Friday, 17 November 2017

GAMPRE, production of  Greenhouses and Terraces.