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FOTOPOULOS DIMITRIOS – production seasonal plants.

FOTOPOULOS DIMITRIOS - production seasonal plants

The company FOTOPOULOS DIMITRIOS started its activity in 1980. So, we have had more than 36 years experience in producing seasonal plants and vegetables. We have one of the biggest production units of flowering plants in Greece and in the neighbourhood. The production of seasonal plants at our nursery began in 2012 for satisfying the needs of garden centers. On area of 40.000 m2, which includes greenhouses and buldings, we produce more than 40 species of flowering plants for gardens and potted plants. For the control of the plant diseases we use biological drugs, so we have the highest quality plants. We work with more than 800 customers (nursery gardeners, agronimists, exterior landscape designers, irrigation controllers and other garden specialists) throughout Greece and Balkans. As a result, we produce annually about 4,5 million plants. We continuously develop our company trying to satisfy your needs for plants.

FOTOPOULOS DIMITRIOS – production seasonal plants near Thesaloniki, Greece.