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Flier Systems B.V.


Flier Systems B.V.

Flier Systems EUgardens

Flier Systems is a Dutch family owned business. We have over 85 years of experience in automation and mechanization solutions for the global greenhouse horticulture. Especially for young plant nurseries. We put the customer’s demand first. Also we work with proven techniques for customer specific solutions. To do this, we use a modular application for the flexible use of our systems.

Flier Systems is a reliable supplier of customer-specific machinery for the horticultural sector. Our products are under continual development. So we can support nurseries worldwide in their quest for higher plant quality. In order to guarantee optimal systems, we pay great attention to integrating straightforward functionality. Furthermore, we test all our new designs and developments.

In fact our customers include breeders, propagators and young plant growers. As well as pot plant nurseries in the ornamental and vegetable sectors. Our systems have modular structure. So each system can be geared to your specific requirements.

Flier Systems B.V.

Together with the Service and After-sales department we provide quick and efficient support. We do this on a remote basis or via our global network of service engineers.

We have a number of different production lines offering a range of possibilities:

– Soilblocking lines;
– Sowing lines;
– Grading lines;
– Planting lines for cuttings;
– Stone wool handling;
– Logistic handling;
– and more.

So welcome to Flier Systems B.V.