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Felco Garden Products


Felco Garden Products

Felco Garden Products EUgardens

Felco garden products are made in Switzerland. They are popular around the world as the finest quality pruning tools available. In fact for over 75 years, Felco has been making tools for comfort, quality, ease-of-use and durability.

Felco is the world-leading manufacturer of professional pruning shears. As a matter of fact the professionals and hobbyist alike all over the world use Felco pruners. Furthermore Felco Secateurs or Pruning Shears are the perfect tool for pruning in your garden or for professional use.

Felco manufactures a large selection of pruning, harvesting, and general gardening tools. Felco Garden Tools are synonym for quality and affordability. In their production we use increasingly innovative materials. The two core values of Felco are ergonomics and durability.

Felco SA offers a variety of tools including saws, shears, knives, work gloves. As well as pneumatic tools, and snips for the electrical, green, and industrial industries. Our robust tools and our long-held philosophy of providing spare parts combine to extend tool life. Thus we minimise needless waste. Felco extends its products throughout global networks.

So welcome to the Felco Garden Products. Find a dealer in your area.