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Gardening services – Eurogreen CZ.

Gardening services Eurogreen CZ

Eurogreen CZ provides gardening services. Our company maintains lawns and offers seeds, fertilizers and equipment. Eurogreen serves customers in Europe.

We build on long-term research and experience. For over 40 years in Germany and 20 years in the Czech Republic, Eurogreen has been offering innovations and new quality solutions. All this in order to improve the condition of grassland for its customers. As a matter of fact, we focus our activities on sports or public lawns. Not only for large city or commercial stadiums, but also for those who want to offer attractive and quality sports or public lawns with a limited budget.

So, our Eurogreen customers always benefit from a very wide range of services. From consultancy to delivery of high quality products. As an important European lawn company, our lawn experts guarantee you a highly professional level of our services.

Our knowledge is the basis for the development of innovative products and processes that give natural lawn strength and disease resistance. So, we use these aspects in practice on sports and ornamental lawns.

Gardening services – Eurogreen CZ.

Gardening services – Eurogreen CZ.

Eurogreen CZ is building on innovation. By using state-of-the-art processes and products, we are always offering our customers new solutions. New solutions, that feature exemplary performance. We utilize the success of grass breeding for increased regenerative ability and state-of-the-art technology for nutrient binding. The result is a customized and environmentally optimized lawn fertilizer.

Bioextracts in our seeds and fertilizers support healthy lawn development to a previously unknown extent. So, the result is well-developed plants resistant to stress and disease.

The use of modern techniques enables fast regeneration and repair of the stressed turf. In particular, improvement measures, such as improved water drainage, are possible without heavy construction techniques. Time and cost-saving care products make lawn care more efficient. We take care of Baseball and softball fields, including automatic irrigation.

So welcome to gardening services – Eurogreen CZ.