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Greenhouse plants – Emsflower GmbH.

Emsflower produces bedding and pot plants on a large scale. We serve and supply our customers from our three locations in the Netherlands and in Germany. We produce plants, mainly on pre-order. Jan Kuipers started the company in 1954 in the Netherlands and  his son Bennie Kuipers took it over later. The areas under glass total of 87 ha and there are about 400 people working in the company.

At the Emsburen location in Emsland, we make investments in the automation and expansion of greenhouses, using environmentally friendly energy. In order to serve our customers in the best possible way and to offer the best service. We always strive for the most modern developments for the production. In 2010, we put our focus on green energy for our products. Until recently, we used fossil fuels to heat the greenhouses. Now, the “Emsflower BioPower” plant is being used at our location in Emsburen. In this plant, we produce electricity with biofuels. So we supply the greenhouses with the residual heat.

Greenhouse plants – Emsflower, a visitor center.

Greenhouse plants – Emsflower, a visitor center

Generation of green electricity. Nowadays, we burn NAWARO (quality wood) in the Emsflower “BioPower” plant. This is untreated wood and comes from the landscape care. In order to live up to the ecological production of electricity, we carry out continuous controls. In addition, we installed filters on the incinerator, which ensure that the legal values ​​are met. The plant produces more than 8,000 megawatts of green electricity a year. This is enough to supply our company and an additional 2,000 households.

Emsflower has Europe’s largest nursery with a visitor center. Our location in Emsburen, connects to a visitor center. In the adventure park you as a guest have the opportunity to visit the company and to observe the production processes. You will also see a tropical garden, a butterfly garden and our greenhouse. There is a huge covered children’s playground. If you feel like it, use our restaurant. In the visitors centre there are so many plants and flowers to see. This will really excite the gardeners . There is a lot of walking to do and so much to see. Unusual plants, flowers, trees, ferns, cacti, fruit trees, peppers, tomatoes etc.

Greenhouse plants – Emsflower GmbH.