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Garden Designer Elaionia Landscapes

We stick to the new norm of EU guides all the green industry and market to a holistic approach of water wise management. As much as to a friendly ecosystem services maintenance of landscape in general.

And we consider this as the new “green horizon” for environment, for climate change management and for the future generations…

Hellenic Olive TreesSo, we provide high quality of consultancy in a wide range of subjects such as: Old-Monumental Trees transplanting and viability possibilities (especially Hellenic Olive Trees); garden design; planning consulting; thematic gardens rejuvenation consulting; environmental friendly techniques and management; composting; forest sustainable management; plant selection; biofarming consulting; palm trees consulting; ecosystem services; etc.

Furthermore, company Elaionia Landscapes is Landscape Contractor Consultant for:
• Landscape & irrigation design, contracting, and maintenance issues;
• As well as landscape proposal documents, request for proposals, pre-con meetings;
• Irrigation renovation to drip, operation, construction, maintenance and trouble shooting;
• Landscape subcontractor – general contractor conflicts;
• Industry, municipal and trade association standards;
• Also landscape and biologic mitigation;
• And landscape contractor standard of care;
• Litigation support and expert witness for construction, installation, contracting, standard of care, irrigation, maintenance, and related landscape issues;

Garden Designer - Elaionia Landscapes Greece

And also we provide Land Development Consulting for:
• Grading, soil subsidence, retaining wall, drainage, water intrusion, infrastructure issues;
• Pro-forma land development budgets; due diligence as required for entitlements; permit acquisition; critical path construction schedules; tentative and final map issues;
• Biologic mitigation and restoration projects;
• General contractor-subcontractor conflicts and standard of care;
• Litigation support and expert witness for land development entitlements; permits; maps; plans; project and construction management
We are also an Expert Witness Consulting Services.