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eHorti – Innovative tools for gardeners


eHorti – Innovative tools for gardeners

eHorti EUgardens

We are a small team of gardening enthusiasts based in Ljubljana, Slovenia / EU. Our story started in 2015 with opening a blog Zeleni svet (Green world).

One year later we opened a web store, serving people of our small 2 million country. Since then we have grown into one of largest gardening websites in our region.

With opening eHorti we are expanding our reach beyond national borders. Our goal is to provide the gardening community with quality innovative products for the garden.

Each our product is meticulously crafted and hand-inspected, using quality materials, ensuring the durability of the garden tool.

We are open to building contacts and forming new connections. So you are welcome to connect with us for a possible business partnership or just to say hi. You can contact us here.

Happy gardening! ftom eHorti Team and welcome to eHorti – Innovative tools for gardeners.