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Plastic flowerpots – Don-Plast Beata i Tadeusz Michorczyk Ltd.

Plastic flowerpots Don-Plast

The Polish company Don Plast started to be active in 1989. Since then we have been producing plastic decorative goods. As a result, our company has vast experience in this field. Furthermore we are constantly developing and entering new markets.

What are our products? Company Don-Plast is proud to offer a variety of high-quality products. They include flowerpots, saucers, flower bowls, vases and columns. Each item in our catalogue is offered in numerous colors and sizes. Noteworthy, are pots have very competitive prices.

During all these years our experienced team ensures a high standard in customer service.Β  We give individual attention to each customer and we offer flexible co-operation as well as competitive prices. Despite the great selection of products we already have, we are constantly enlarging our offers with new models. Such models, that are in line with current trends and needs.Β  As a matter of fact our company is logistically independent which ensures that our deliveries are made on time.

Company Don-Plast has a lot of propositions for Orchids, compositions as well as for other plants and flowers. In our offer you can find also saucers, bowls, vases etc. Every year we create new models, line of colors and shapes.

Last but not least, we offer competitive prices. Regulary, we participate in garden trade fairs in Germany (Cologne, Essen) and in Poland in Poznan.
So, we hope that our offer will meet your demands and we encourage co-operation with Don-Plast.

Welcome to Don-Plast Beata i Tadeusz Michorczyk Ltd. – Plastic flowerpots.