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Diphano Outdoor furniture


Diphano Outdoor furniture

Diphano Outdoor furniture EUgardens

Belgian outdoor furniture, creating functional cosiness around the world

Diphano is a young, Belgian brand with a rich expertise in outdoor living. We design and produce high quality outdoor furniture, for both residential customers, hospitality and other demanding outdoor projects on a global level. Our overall focus is on functionality, durability and easy maintenance. So this makes every specific project unique.

Diphano outdoor furniture has a luxurious look, without the price being equally high. The collections are scalable to fit every outdoor setting and every mood. From functional bistro tables and chairs for large hotel settings to cosy, unique sofa sets for your personal garden. So we have a solution for every outdoor project. No need to worry about maintenance, durability and functionality: this comes default with every Diphano piece.

Diphano HQ is based in Belgium, where we keep a close eye on existing and upcoming international trends. With over two decades of experience in the world of outdoor furniture and fabrics, our CEO Stephane De Winter brings all his experience to the drawing table. The result is a wide range of high quality collections that will please customers with high standards.

If we could, we would spend most of our time outdoors. Dinner parties, reading a book in a lounge chair or having breakfast. Nature makes every experience more intense, Diphano lets you focus on the outdoor cosiness, providing high quality, durable furniture in different moods and sizes.

We invite you to discover our stylish and contemporary collections at a store near you, and be inspired. Or find a professional who can advise you on which Diphano furniture is perfect for your outdoor project and get the job done. From the larger hotel pool setting to a small appartment terrace, everything is possible. Find a store.