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Garden & Home – Decorpro.

Garden & Home - Decorpro

Decorpro is a brand specializing in innovative Canadian made products for the home and garden. The brand Decorpro, came into existence in 2009. Since then our line continues to evolve into indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting and garden decor.

outdoor home and garden accessoriesAt the heart of the Decorpro brand is the company Develpro Inc. Since 1974 Develpro has been a product development and launch company. Further helping individuals and businesses create new products. Then in 2009 our team had the vision to design, develop and manufacture quality products here in Canada. The idea was bold… and the world of Decorpro came into birth.

We design and manufacture our products in Canada. Furthermore our workers are Canadians. So, our fundamental objective is to support Canadian business. From concept to manufacturing, buying locally allows us to work in sync with our in-house design team and our manufacturing partners. As a result, this allows us to provide the highest quality goods to our customers. And  as a result reduces the carbon footprint in the manufacturing and distribution of all our products.

Decorpro is a Canadian brand of indoor, outdoor home and garden accessories. Decorpro’s products are sold throughout North America and Europe. We take pride in providing our customers with quality Canadian made product.

So welcome to Garden & Home – Decorpro.