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Pest Deterrents – Concept Research Ltd.

Pest Deterrents - Concept Research Ltd

CONCEPT RESEARCH offers a range of humane Ultrasonic Deterrents. They protect your property and gardens of cats, foxes, pine martens, mice and other nuisance animals.

All of our products are inaudible to humans and harmless to all species. And we are so confident of the quality of our deterrents. Also they each come with a two year manufacturer´s warranty.

Most noteworthy, Concept Research is successfully producing Ultrasonic deterrents in Britain for over 25 years. So we are proud to say that our Ultrasonic deterrents are the only ones designed and manufactured in Great Britain. We design and manufacture all our products in Great Britain.

Pest Deterrents to protect your property and gardens!

PESTFree+ in action

Watch how effective PESTFree+ is in deterring this fox! This humane deterrent uses ultrasound to deter both cats and foxes! Find out more: http://www.conceptresearch.co.uk/pestfreeplus #pestcontrol #fox #cat – credit to Retired Member of Parliament

Posted by CATWatch on Friday, 7 April 2017