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CleanLight uses UV light to fight diseases on plants and crops. By applying it on a daily basis many gardners control their diseases organically. CleanLight UV-c is effective against fungi like powdery mildew and botrytis.

Our company has been building smart disinfection installations for years that kill bacteria and fungi through UV-C. Think of our crop protection, material disinfection, air purification, and water purification.

In 2006, Arne Aiking founded CleanLight in The Netherlands. He began production of the most innovative, easy to use, safe and cost-effective crop protection technology. Today, our company is popular worldwide. So we have to keep expanding to keep up with the demand for our products! Our products find application in many industries.

CleanLight gear is exceptionally popular for many reasons. One reason is it’s built with the highest levels of design, engineering, components, quality control, and manufacturing standards. With thousands of satisfied gear users in at least 26 countries, our products are used indoors and outdoors in all kinds of agricultural endeavors.

CleanLight kills funguses, bacteria and viruses on the plants and crops but does not harm the plant/crop. Furthermore, this lamp improves the quality. It is 100% biological and very effective against mildew and works preventive and curative.

One of the most important facets of our company is that we’re always innovating, always upgrading, always responding to the world’s needs. For example, as soon as the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic became apparent, we put our scientists to work researching the novel virus to see if UV-C could help stop its spread. It can.

So welcome to CleanLight.