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CLABER, the Masters of Water


Quality in irrigation – Claber SpA.

Claber is a leading Italian company in the irrigation sector for gardens, vegetable plots, terraces and balconies. It offers systems on the cutting edge of innovation. As well as ease of use and eco-sustainability.
In addition, Claber is the leading international name in innovation, simplicity of use and eco-sustainability of products for irrigation and gardening. So, Claber’s philosophy is to make irrigation science accessible to all, by exploring new frontiers of technology, design and quality.

Claber product range is extensive and versatile. In order to guarantee every plant the right level of irrigation. All this, at the right time and without wasting a resource that is vital to life on Earth: water.
Claber products come in a range of solutions that are comprehensive, original and in continuous development. The idea is to look after every plant in the best possible way. And in the respect of an increasingly precious resource: water.

CLABER, the Masters of Water

Quality, first and foremost.
Founded in 1969, Claber was the first Italian company in the sector to obtain UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. This means that the entire company workflow, from choosing the raw materials and design to manufacturing the product and providing the after-sale service, complies with rigorously defined and monitored quality criteria.

Claber products last longer, perform better, and are more versatile and easier to use. They are made of recyclable materials, respect the environment and help to save precious water resources. This is Claber total quality: quality in irrigation, quality in life. On-line catalogue.

Quality in irrigation – Claber SpA