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Cellfast Garden Tools


Cellfast Garden Tools

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Cellfast Group is one of the leading processing companies of plastics in Poland. We are also a leading manufacturer of hoses, garden accessories, gutter systems and soffits in this part of Europe. In fact Cellfast is the unquestionable leader on the domestic market. Furthermore we are an important exporter to many countries in Europe and the world.

Over the years the Group has invested significant resources into a modern machine park andΒ  new technologies. So today we offer highest quality products, at the same time maintaining competitive prices.

Cellfast Group has at its disposal a manufacturing area exceeding 50,000 mΒ². At present the Group also includes distribution companies in Russia and Ukraine.

Our products include: Garden hoses, Manual sprinklers, Static sprinklers, Tap connectors and distributors, Watering lances, Connectors, Hose carts and hose reels and Drip irrigation lines. Also we produce garden tools and accessories such as: Axes, Large garden tools, Small garden tools, Pruners and shears, Saws and saw blades, Digging tools. As well as Lawn edges and garden palisades. From Garden accessories, we offer: Trimmer lines, Rakes and Garden spreaders

We use modern solutions in the course of our manufacturing process. So for Cellfast Garden Tools we can guarantee highest quality.