Canceviz Fidan Ltd.

Canceviz Fidan Ltd. Sti.
We started (1981) with Can Fidancılık brand and Canceviz Fidan LTD. ŞTİ, our company continues to owe the quality and abundant productive walnut and almond seedlings production and sales in our country since 1981 owes to the vast effort, effort and experience. As a result of this effort and effort Canceviz Fidan LTD. is a leading company that has proven itself in this sector with its high quality grafted walnut and almond seedlings exports to many Balkan Countries, Turkic Republics and Europe both in our country and abroad. Canceviz Fidan LTD. We export grafted and high quality walnut and almond seedlings in a wide geography from the Balkan Countries to the Turkish Republics and from the Middle East to Central Asia.

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