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Production and selling of quality walnut & almond saplings – Canceviz Fidan Ltd.

Walnut & almond saplings - Canceviz Fidan Ltd.

Our company started to be active in 1981, establishing the Can Fidancılık
brand. Our fruit nursery is to be found near the city of Bandirma in Turkey  Nowadays, our
company continues to produce the high quality and abundant productive
grafted walnut and almond seedlings. Furthermore, we have worked hard to produce the
highest quality trees over many years. As a result of these efforts Canceviz Fidan Ltd. is a leading
company that has proven itself in this sector.

We both sell on the domestic market and export. Canceviz Fidan Ltd exports
bare root grafted walnut and almond saplings to different countries in
Europe , Asia , Balkan Countries and the Turkic Republics we sell walnut
trees all these years are Italy, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia, Moldavia,
Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakistan  etc. As a matter of fact during the last years, we have
increased our market share in the Middle East and Central Asia markets also.

Our product line as far as walnuts saplings are concerned includes: Chandler
Walnut Varieties, Franquette Walnut Varieties, As well as Fernor Walnut Varieties,
Fernette Walnut Varieties and some fruits saplings.

So, welcome to Canceviz Fidan Ltd. –  production and selling of high quality
grafted walnut & almond saplings.

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Products : Chandler and Fernor Walnut Saplings :

Chandler and Fernor Walnut Saplings

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