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Specialist in Phalaenopsis cultivation – Bremkens Orchids.

Specialist in Phalaenopsis cultivation - Bremkens Orchids

Company Bremkens Orchids is German phalaenopsis breeder and young plant grower. We breed and grow young plants in a 3 ha greenhouse in Geldern-Walbeck, Germany. Bremkens Orchids sell phalaenopsis all over the world. The Netherlands is our main market. So, now we belong to the top largest breeders and young plant producers in Europe.

Bremkens Orchids is a real family company and Christian, Peter and their father Matthias Bremkens are managing the company. Christian’s and Peter’s grandfather founded the company in 1955.  We breed new varieties in our nursery in Geldern-Walbeck and propagate them in the lab of Hark Orchideen. This is one of the largest phalaenopsis labs in the world. As a matter of fact, recently we  set up our own sales team and now we work on our visibility and branding. It was quite a challenging task and still we are continuously looking for possible improvements.

Specialist in Phalaenopsis cultivation – Bremkens Orchids.

Due to our wide range of orchids, our partners will be able to satisfy all the needs of their customers. Some of the orchids varieties in our standard offer are
Sweet Maria, Fellini, Red Kiss, Sizzini, Mai Tai, Royal Smile, Bandito, Exotic Punch, Hannibal. As well as, Golden Beauty, Icebreaker, Florida Sun, Flying Kangaroo, Don Camillo, Hugo, Cadillac, Purple Rain, Cosmopolitan, Caribbean Dream etc.