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Brati Ritoša d.o.o.


Brati Ritoša d.o.o.

Brati Ritoša Croatia

Brati Ritoša is a leading Croatian company focused on wholesale, production and distribution of garden and agricultural equipment. Moreover, we offer construction and protective equipment. The basic principles on which we base our business are product quality, ensuring the availability of stock as well as innovation, long-term satisfaction and customer trust.

We offer more than 4000 products for many business areas: garden equipment, irrigation systems, hobby and household, oenology and cellaring as well as garden fences, packaging, construction and protective equipment, fertilizers and soils, garden pests, livestock and poultry farming.  Send an Inquiry .

Constantly investing in business improvement and technology, we have achieved excellence in our field and have became synonymous of quality and a reliable partner to our customers.

Our sale is organized through a network of qualified sales representatives covering each area of ​​Croatia and Slovenia. The relationship with our customers is primarily based on mutual trust and professionalism. We are proud in having 3.000,00 satisfied customers. Our sales team is always at disposal to provide our customers the highest quality support.

In addition to operating in Croatia and Slovenia, we are also present in neighboring countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Hungary.

Introducing business innovations and searching for the best solutions has always been the company’s tendency. Following this direction, we are introducing a new level of business in sales – B2B online store. It is for all our contractual business partners. In a web store opened for 24 hours a day, buying our products has never been easier.

So welcome to Brati Ritoša d.o.o.