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Outdoor furniture – Blive.

Outdoor furniture - Blive, barbecue in the garden

Blive is a Portuguese brand for outdoor furniture, Grill & BBQ, Plant pots and vases. Furthermore, our products stand out for their innovative design.

Consequently, functionality, quality and respect for the environment are the fundamental principles in our creative process. As well as in the development of our garden products.

The uniqueness of our outdoor products personalizes your garden space. Our slogan is “Make your space”. Download our catalogue.

DELTA Planter EUgardens EUPlanters. DELTA Planter, Balko Planter, Diskuad Planter and Kube Planter are some of our best selling planters.

MOD Barbecue. The MOD barbecue grills stand out due to their simple and innovative design. So, discover the many features you can have with our modular Barbecue.
Made up of modules, they are easy to assemble. In addition, they easily adapt to any oudoor space.

CARPI Oven. Carpi is a portable wood-fired oven. We produce it from stainless steel and refractory brick that reach high temperatures in a short space of time.

SUN Barbecue. Our SUN barbecues stand out for their functionality, organic design and ease of assembly.

MOD Table. Lightweight and easy to assemble. This table allows you to enjoy the various spaces in your home and garden.

So, welcome to Outdoor furniture – Blive, make your space comfortable.

Spoga+Gafa 2017

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Outdoor furniture – Blive.