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Production of decorative flower pots.

Production of decorative flower pots

Big Plast is an energetic company whose journey began in 1995. We started manufacturing consumer goods, only to specialize later in production of plastic, decorative flower pots. Today we are doing the complete manufacturing process of decorative flower pots, made of high quality plastic. Our imperative is to follow the industry trends. So along with the innovative solutions, we became the market leaders.

We are offering you modern, elegant and trendy flower pot. Also, the innovative MAGNETIKA flower pots, with complementary metal frames, make the perfect combination, with the existing color palettes. It all results in a magnificent visual unity, which in many ways enhances your living or working space. Our flower pots speak many languages! See for yourselves.
Cordially Yours, BIGPlast

Big-Plast, production of decorative flower pots.

Manufacturer: Big Plast has been in the plastics business for more than 20 years. We have used this time to build on our experience and expertise and build a satisfied customer base. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in our every product. We only work with materials of the highest quality and are constantly on the lookout for the latest improvements in the manufacturing process. Our paints, and finishing in general, conform to the highest standards and make our products look stylish and sophisticated in any surrounding.

We are based in the town of Stara Pazova, some 20 miles outside of Belgrade, but we export most of our products into the EU market. We take great care when it comes to packaging and making sure that our products reach our customers undamaged.Β Big Plast mostly deals with the production of flower pots, plant pots and garden pots as well as plastic bins and jars, but you might also contact us if you are interested in self watering planters, or if you want to discuss our wholesale garden pots or wholesale flower pots options. Our team is well equipped to handle every part of the manufacturing process, starting with the design and ending with shipment, and our years of experience are a guarantee that everything will go according to plan.