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Robotic mowers Belrobotics.

Get the perfect grass at much lower cost. The professional robotic mower Belrobotics releases the gardener from the boring work of lawn-mowing. You can save some precious time. A time, that you can devote to other aspects of caring for green spaces.

Our Belrobotics robots provide a perfect cut for the perfect grass. We deliver best performance for healthier, greener grass. The blades of the robotic mower are as sharp as a scalpel and cut the grass into very tiny particles. Economy. You will save at least 50%. Do the calculations with your Belrobotics dealer. No fuel, no labour no waste removal. No more mowing chores and no machine moving costs, etc.

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So, Belrobotics robotic mowers eliminate the need for lawn-mowing chores. So, they save considerable time for owners, gardeners, and maintenance personnel.
Environmental kindly. Up to 90% less energy consumed, less noise, less CO2, etc. The best garden tool for the environment.

Robotic mowers Belrobotics, advantages of the new pure innovation range.

Advanced mechatronics and more robust robots.
Dust and moisture protection
Even more reliable materials, embedded in the robots
More reassuring user experience than ever before.
As a matter of fact, every square centimetre of the lawn will be mown.
Very quiet mowing, due to high performance sound insulation.
And last but not least remote software updates and management.
You will be able to manage your fleet of robots entirely from the web portal and the Belrobotics app on your smartphone.

So, enjoy the robotic mowers Belrobotics.