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Atlas Agro Science EUgardens

At Atlas Agro Science, we believe that the key to a greener and more sustainable future lies in the way we interact with nature. For this reason we have created 100% waste-free technology. AΒ  technology that turns sludge from wastewater treatment plants into a highly effective biostimulant for plants. A biostimulant that is completely harmless to both the environment and human health.

Atlas Agro Science is a start-up company. We find solutions related to the utilization of renewable bio/waste sources by incorporating circular economy principles. Our company presents a novel solution by offering a completely new product based on waste-free technology. We use the sludge as a resource and transform it into an ecological solution leading to more sustainable agricultural production. Our product aims to solve simultaneously wastewater management and agrifood chain problems. Furthermore our products that will deliver a better yield, safer, cleaner and more qualitative production at lower cost.

ATLAS offers the solution to both industries through our environmentally friendly bio/waste-based product. Our product stimulates plant nutrition processes independently of the product’s nutrient content with the sole aim of improving the plants’ nutrient use efficiency and tolerance to abiotic stress. Furthermore our product acts in addition to mineral fertilizers, optimizing their efficiency, and reducing the nutrient application rates. Additionally, our solution is aimed to increase plant adaptation towards climate changes. With our products, we are already guaranteeing 15% bigger yield on a variety of crops with decreased usage of standard fertilizers, which is a step towards safer and healthier food production. HERE you can find the most suitable product for you from the Atlas Universal series.

Our production plant is in the Industrial Zone of the town of Stara Zagora.