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Aronia cultivation – Aronia Eggert Nursery.

Aronia Eggert Nursery in Poland

We are Polish specialist nursery of black aronia (Aronia Melanocarpa Elliot). Consequently we produce high quality ecological cuttings which can be used to start a commercial plantation or to grow in a home garden. So, we recommend you our high quality chokeberry plants (Aronia Melanocarpa). Owing to over 40 years of experience in selecting Aronia and running a plantation we can offer you the best plants. Plants, that are excellent for the trade production as well as for the allotment horticulture.

The chokeberry plants, which we produce, are 2-years old. In addition, they have many sprouts and very strong root system. Also, we can offer you the 1-year old fine Aronia plants of height not less than 40cm. Furthermore, we guarantee that every plant from our selection will take root. Equally important, we provide our clients with free professional consultation concerning all matters in running a plantation.

Mr. Piotr Egger runs our fruit nursery. Mr. Egger is the pioneer aronia cultivator in Poland. He is a graduate from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. As a result he has been involved in the studies on this plant since 1975. First as a researcher at the Research Institute and now in his own Nursery. Mr. Eggert is the author of numerous publications on aronia, such as “Aronia od sadzonki do zbioru owocow” [aronia from cuttings to harvesting], and his expertise on this plant is absolutely outstanding.

We opperate on the domestic and foreign markets. Mainly in Germany and Austria, but also in Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Macedonia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Greece, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Kosovo, Bosnia USA and Canada. Prices depend on the number and quality of demanded plants.

So, welcome to Aronia Eggert Nursery.