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Christmas trees export – Arbodania A/S.

Christmas trees export - Arbodania A/S.

Christmas trees from Denmark. Arbodania takes pride in delivering some of the best quality Nordmann Christmas trees in Europe. Arbodania is a Danish company specializing in export sales of Christmas trees and decorative greenery. 1000 trucks with one million Christmas trees. We ship almost one million Christmas trees on 1000 semi-trailers to 12 countries in Europe.

Product quality, professional logistics and customer service are our core competences. As a result, we provide certified and environmental friendly production. Arbodania uses advanced pallet system with a high loading capacity and optimized transport solutions. Also we supply direct IT connectivity with EDI/XML and a web portal service for our customers. As well as private label and in-store marketing assistance. So, customers are our highest priority. That is why we cooperate only the most professional producers in Denmark. In order to deliver the best quality Christmas trees and decorative greenery. We continuously invest in implementing new technologies. And as a result supply environmentally friendly Christmas trees.

Christmas trees export – Arbodania A/S.

It is easy and safe to buy Danish Christmas trees. Because we want to ensure Europe’s future supply of Christmas trees in the most professional, reliable and stable way. So, our main purpose is to inspire the good partnership, through a professional approach. We believe in good human relationships, that are built on good ethics. So, we are proud of our trees and hope you will enjoy the freshness and beauty of Nordmann Fir and other species supplied by our company.