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AQUA COR – garden fountains equipment

AQUA COR EUgardens

Aqua Cor – exclusive representative of NatHura-Italy and Heissner-Germany
Water gardens & pools. The main activity of the company is import and wholesale and retail trade of:

β€’ Water pumps for garden fountains

β€’ Spouts for garden fountains

β€’ Waterproofing foil for garden fountains

β€’ Lake underwater lighting

β€’ Room decorative fountains

β€’ Diffusers (water fog)

β€’ Decorative figures Water pumps for fountains “Vacuum cleaner” for fountains and lakes

МодСл Jet eco HSP 2500-00       МодСл Craft eco HFP 5000-00      МодСл F2-00

AQUA COR – garden fountains equipment.