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Ambra Elettronica Srl


Ambra Elettronica Srl

Ambra Elettronica

At Ambralight, we produce LED lamps for plant wellness and growth, intended for horticulture, floriculture, cannabis, and nursery.

Ambra Elettronica srl is an Italian company that designs, develops and produces professional LED lamps for horticulture, floriculture and cannabis. We started as a technologically wise electronic company, designing and producing electronic boards and equipment.

Nowadays we specialize in the design and production of electronic boards and electronic equipment for civil and industrial applications. And we aim for continuous technological innovation. So we always search for the smartest solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Passion, enthusiasm and dynamism have been our distinction since our early days and have enabled us to build strong relationships with clients and partner universities.

Driven by love of nature and plants, we began to design, develop, and manufacture LED lamps for plant wellness and growth both for residential use and more specifically for professional applications. To this end, we created the AmbraLight brand and division. We design all or products in our company and we produce them entirely in Italy using high-quality materials. Our lamps are built in compliance with the strictest regulations and according to technical criteria, ensuring safe and practical use.

Some of our international resellers are: Sere Transilvania Romania, Modagri Plants Greece, Amititsa Bulgaria, Garden EE Estonia,
Richel Group France, Humko Slovenia, Agro Industrial Solutions Spain, Pon-Pet doo Croatia., etc..

So welcome to Ambra Elettronica Srl.