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Fruit nursery – Agro Denmar SRL.

Nursery, garden centre, online store. Company Agro Denmar SRL is a producer and importer of fruit and ornamental shrubs. As well as perennials, forest trees, conifers, wines, roses and ornamental trees. Because of the volume of our production, our prices are very competitive. And we deliver very fast on the total territory of Romania. In our online shop there are more than 2000 articles available. Nursery Agro Denmar is popular also as PEPINIERA MAIA.

Fruit nursery - Agro Denmar in Romania

Our nursery has authorization from the Inspectorate for Quality seeds and seedlings in Romania. ITCSMS (The Territorial Inspectorate for Seed and Propagating Material Quality) is the only state body to inspect and certify the producers. And to determine the varieties of plants that can appear on the Romanian agricultural market.

In our sales offer, you can find: Goji berry, Paulownia, Cranberry, Bilberry, Sea buckthorn, Blackberry, Gooseberry (Ribes uva-crispa), Raspberry srubs and trees, Aronia.
As well as Strawberries, Kiwi, Other fruit trees and shrubs, Gardening accessories, Fertilizers, etc.. And last but not least Hobby seeds and bulbs, soil and substrates, flower pot and planters, etc..

Fertilizers for growth and other substrates we import from the Netherlands. From Poland we import mainly flower pots and planters.

So, you are always welcome to our Fruit nursery – Agro Denmar SRL.