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Aarbomex bvba – Landscaping Shrubs and Trees.

Aarbomex nursery

Founded in1952, our nursery has a long-standing history of family tradition. Through the years, the plant nursery AARBOMEX has experienced a transformation into an exportcompany covering nowadays an area of 45 ha.

Our customers range from nurseries to garden centers and landscape gardeners. You will find them in more than 30 countries in West and East Europe as well as in Asia.

AARBOMEX specializes in young avenue trees for further cultivation, avenue trees and decorative plants for green projects and gardens.

‍It is worth visiting our nursery upon priorarrangement! As our nurceries are located at different locations, they can be visited only under the supervision of one of our employees. So we therefore ask you kindly to make an appointment on tel: +32 9 3697359.

Avenue trees & Ornamental trees, Conifers and Shrubs, have a look at our pictures gallery.