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Gardening Scotland 2022, will take place from from Tuesday 1 JUNE until Thursday 3 JUNE. At the Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, near Edinburgh, SCOTLAND. Gardening Scotland is Scotland’s national celebration of gardening and outdoor living. So, the countdown has now begun for Gardening Scotland!

For three days the grounds of the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh undergo a transformation in an explosion of scent and colour. This is the national gardening and outdoor living Show and Scotland’s gardening festival!
As a matter of fact, It is the biggest plant fair in Scotland. And promising to provide everything from an abundance of beautiful plants to tools, equipment. As well as garden furniture and all the inspiration you could need to make your garden grow.

In nurseries across the UK, leading growers are already tending to the plants. The that they will bring to next year’s Show to provide gardeners with inspiration, information and top quality plants. So, for more info please visit HERE.

This is Gardening Scotland 2022 – the national gardening and outdoor living Show.

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  1. Gardening Scotland 2021 is noted as “from Friday 1 JUNE until Sunday 3 JUNE” , however the 1st is a Tuesday?? Can you please re-check and advise?

    1. Thank you for the notice, Fiona. The problem is that it still not sure whether Gardening Scotland 2021 will be held at all.

  2. can you ensure the gardening magazines know as soon as you decide what can be done please? can you set up a mailing list of those vwho’d like to be informed directly?

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