7 reasons to visit Eyrignac Manor gardens in France


7 reasons to visit Eyrignac Manor gardens in France

Nowadays, the manor gardens comprise a total of seven unique gardens. Each of them represents a particular theme. So, there are 7 reasons to visit Eyrignac Manor gardens in the Perigord Noir. The most famous are: the Box Labyrinth; the Plant Sculptures Kingdom; the Manor and French garden; Capucine’s gardens and the White Garden and Flower Meadow.

Eyrignac Manor gardensAn encyclopaedia of shapes, the garden of greenery sculptures is one of the best representations of Topiary boasting. The charming pathways and green enclosures are worthy representatives of this Topiary art. Most noteworthy are the yew trees perfectly pruned using hand-shears and templates.

The original gardens of the Eyrignac Manor appered in the 18th century on the modell of traditional French gardens. As a matter of fact 18th century Italian villas also partly inspired their construction. In the 19th century the gardens were completely redesigned. The idea was to resemble an English Romantic garden, following the fashion of the time. But later, the current owner’s father, Gilles Sermadiras. brought the gardens back to life following their original layout.

The Manor house is a beautiful 17th century building. Especially impressive is the local golden stone with a slate roof. It has a charming gravelled courtyard. In addition there are two smaller stone buildings also in golden stone with tall slate rooves. One of these was the chapel for the manor house and the other the dovecote. An attractive pond and the French-style flower beds makes this a particularly attractive part of the garden.

So, welcome to the Eyrignac Manor gardens in the south-western part of France. Enjoy the video:

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