Beautiful twining and climbing plants – Lonicerа

climbing plants – Lonicerа

 Honeysuckles, known also as Lonicera are arching shrubs or twining vines in the family Caprifoliaceae, native to the moderate climatic zone.

 This genus includes more than 180 species of deciduous and evergreen deciduous shrubs with endless, elliptical leaves.

Most popular are Lonicera japonica and Lonicera americana. Most noteworthy, the Honeysuckles Grow at low temperatures without any problems. They prefer sun or partial shade. Furthermore, the Honeysuckle is a bush with oppositely arranged whole-elliptical leaves. The tusks are dark green on the top and whitish below. The flowers are large and aromatic. The fruit is a juicy red strawberry with several seeds. Originates from East Asia.

Widespread and grown in Europe in parks and gardens. Flowering is from June to September. Fully winterproof for our conditions. The decorative value is in the thick foliage and beautiful colors. At altitude it grows to about 3-4 meters and this makes it suitable for live hedges, landscaping of pergolas, arches, fences and trees. Equally important, it can be also used as a ground covering. It blooms for a long time with numerous colorful trumpet flowers colors and continuously emits a strong aroma.

American Lonicera (Lonicera americana), unlike Lonicera japonica, is a bush, which looses its leafs durung Winter. It is also very suitable for our latitudes, because it is successfully resisting the winter. Winding and fast-growing shrub, which grows up to 3-4 m. So it is very suitable for hedges and pergolas. The flowers are tender pink and aromatic.

So, the Lonicerа is a beautiful climbing plant.


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