Garden Accessories


Bamboo trellis and coco poles manufacture. Kokos SJ was established in 1995. We are the biggest bamboo trellis and coco poles manufacturer in Europe. Our collection of all size trellis has been developed by our craftsman for European and American ....


Freeform is a brand name of Maffam\'s series of articles made of basalt fibers. Freeform intends to launch in market ultra-durable, trend setting design articles- indoor/outdoor furniture, accessories. The articles are made of basalt and .....


Kovotvar presently is oriented exclusively to the production of metal goods for garden, household and decoration, the surface finish of which is carried out by hot galvanizing or powder coating. Our foreign trade activities are focused not only on the European ...


Acamp. The European brand for “garden living” in the convenience market. Acamp Easy Living means: Economy: more money is left for the household budget. Convenience: the garden extends through practically all living areas. Speed: virtually everything is possible at once.

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We cope with fast changing technologies in the global Bio-Degradable Agriculture, Horticulture market. We are more concern on Eco friendly products. We work with an individual grower to large industrial grower, potting soil manufacture to Industrial ....


Flora Hungaria Kft. was founded by 48 horticulturists on 8 January 1993. In order to realise the aim of foundation, the company extended to 534 persons and enlarged the area of the flower hall to 3,250 m2. In 1/3 part of the 13,500-m2 hall cut flowers, in 1/3 part ornamental plants in pot, and in the other 1/3 part flower shop accessories are sold.


Aras Metal is a private firm with more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing galvanized home, gardening and floral articles. 90% of Aras Metal's revenues are generated through exports to most Europe--- with France, Germany, England, Italy being major...


Aristo is a manufacturer and designer of high quality garden torches, candleholders and oil lamps. Aristo offers fresh, versatile designs that are ideal for both urban and country environments.