Flora 2017

Term: 4th MAY - 7th MAY 2017

Open: daily from 9.00 to 19.00

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia, 40 km far from the international airport Schwechat (Vienna)
Incheba, J. S. C., Hall B, Vienna cesta 7, Bratislava

Goods nomenclature: Cut flowers, pot plants - Shrubs, seeds, gardening cultivation, Christmas and Eastern decorations, moistening systems, technical literature, Fertilization of plants, small mechanization, machinery and equipment, dried and artificial flowers, landscape, ceramic, fountains, plastic materials, package technology, garden buildings, furniture, greenhouses, consultation service.

Area: inside area 7100 m2, 4000 m2 outside area

Attendance: Approximately 70 000 visitors - businessmen Florists and gardening line
wholesalers, authorities of our country representatives of embassies, firms, TV and
Broadcast Network

For Further information visit:  HERE

visited: 1232